Concord History

The history of the family of God at Concord is similar to other Churches. In 1916, sixteen believers gathered for prayer at the home of Sister Lydia Glover who resided at 14 Northfield Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Each of these individuals were inspired to serve God according to sound Biblical principles. The realization that the group needed a more established place to gather for worship, encouragement, outreach and missions led to the formation of what is now Concord Baptist Church of Boston.

The fellowship of Concord Church exists for three distinct reasons:

1. To proclaim Christ and share His message of hope with the world.
2. To help the individual reclaim a relationship with God as originally intended.
3. To empower all of God's people through discipleship, evangelism and abundant living.

As members of the Concord fellowship, we live out the meaning of our purpose in four practical ways, which are expressed by the acronym "I WED". We believe that as members of the family of God, we have been called to be:
Concord Church has been blessed through the leadership and vision of six pastors since its founding:

The Reverend William Dabbs

The Reverend Arthur J. Spratley

The Reverend Charles G. Adams

The Reverend James Coleman

The Reverend Owen Cardwell

The Reverend Dr. Conley Hughes, Jr.